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Galactic Feud – Beta Sign-Up

So many colors and so many bright lights, with a few drops of neon here and there. Galactic Feud is a top-down online and local multiplayer PVP brawler where you can select from a variety of characters and fight against other players in an arena-style map. It’s set in a futuristic game-show where contestants from different timelines are sucked in and forced to compete and battle each other.

Each of the available characters has their own unique abilities, weapons and play-style, choose whichever one that suits you best and compete in multiple arenas, with a variety of game modes. From the looks of it we’ll enjoy some nice combat, great level design and fun looking characters to get attached to.

Sign-up for the beta here. (Direct-Message/DM the developers on twitter requesting to be a tester)

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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