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Genital Jousting – Alpha Access

We never saw this coming, and you probably didn’t see it too until it was too late. Genital Jousting is a top-down local and online multiplayer game where about colorful penises with anuses wiggling around penetrating each other.

A maximum of eight players who play as different and unique detached penises, with multiple game modes that’ll provide different objectives for you to complete, a player’s basic objective is to penetrate another’s anus. It’s a game about penetrating and being penetrated quickly.

It’s a colorful game with simple controls and simple objectives to accomplish. A fun game not for the family or for work in most cases, but where it would seem appropriate to play you’ll hopefully find it amusing and provide much laughter. If you ever dreamt of f***ing yourself, you can do that now.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

We’re assuming the game is in alpha based on what we’ve learned from the current version of the game and our assessment of what makes a game in alpha, beta etc. That is until we get confirmation of what the game’s current status is in from the developers.

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