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Get To The Orange Door – Alpha Demo Download

Get to the Orange Door is a parkour FPS platformer currently in the alpha stage. The game is mostly filled with placeholder art, as the overall theme isn’t established at this point. The goal of this alpha release is to get some feedback for the developer to further build this game. GTTOD has a few game modes, most of which function well enough to provide hours of enjoyment. There are six levels to play through in the main game, spawning players right into a shootout and ushering them to run, jump and climb their way through a large map filled with floating isles and platforms. The objective should be obvious, get to the orange door to progress. Sandbox mode drops players into a target range set on a sandstorm-whipped gas station in the middle of a desert. Every gun is available on a shelf, and every one of them is a blast to pop off. The targets are placed around the front of the station but who cares about stationary bullseyes? Shoot the target on the side of the station designated for spawning waves of bots and start mowing them down! There’s a diverse set of weaponry available, including assorted handguns, assault rifles, some cameo appearances of Halo weapons and even a banana/phone/whatever it is.

There’s one last mode that is a little buggy, and though the developer placed message prompts throughout the game to explain some of the game’s functionality and issues, this mode seems a little tough to trigger. There’s a vehicle inside an arena, and you’re supposed to be able to drive it, so a good look at the controls for the game would be a huge help since there’s some confusion in that aspect. Overall, Get to the Orange Door has an interesting style, semi-solid gameplay and lots of neat features to enjoy in the alpha release. This game is on the right track, and just a short session will reveal the potential this parkour platformer has. It’s worth a shot to try out the different modes, the game plays pretty well and makes for an excellent run-and-gun, jump-and-climb experience!

Download the Alpha demo on itch.io. [It’s in alpha right now, despite ‘beta’ being thrown around]

Back the game on Kickstarter.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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  1. wish there was a way to install demo 2 in 2018, as i do prefer the old one rather than the way the new one is, unfortunately i cannot find anything online for the demo 2, so i wish someone were to be able to help me with it.

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