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I finally make it out from under the parent’s roof. No more having to sneak in the middle of the night to get snacks, don’t have to worry about mom telling me to clean my room, I’m an adult now. Well it’s been about a week now, out on my own, and mom is already calling me up wanting to see my new place. “No problem!” Said adult me, as my eyes pan about my apartment that’s suffered about four days of playing Halo: CE online with my internet friends (I don’t actually have any irl). “I’ll be there in three minutes!” Mom’s voice is saturated with doubt and feigned politeness at the same time. For she knows my place is a wreck, I’m her son. I don’t even say bye, I just hang up. I’ll need every second I can get in order to make this place walkable. Let’s see underwear on the floor, soda stains pizza boxes… Three minutes to pick up my trash and laundry, easy!

Three minutes is all you’ll get in Good Impression, a Ludum Dare 37 entry by Ellian, a frequent LD jammer. Though it might look simple, cleaning that small apartment should take more than three minutes if one was moving at a pace that didn’t involve a lot of cardio. But wouldn’t you know it, moms are notorious for showing up with little to no warning. The mess in the room falls into a handful of categories, each requiring a different organization or cleaning method. There’s dirty unmentionables on the floor, soda puddles everywhere, unpaid bills (don’t remind me) and food practically all over. Can’t we just eat on the couch so the mess is in one place? Apparently not, given that there are soda puddles in every quadrant of the place. Clean your dishes at the sink, throw your rubbish in the bin, sort your belongings and wipe up that soda with a rag. I don’t recall seeing a rag anywhere, so I did what I do irl and used my underwear to wipe it up (wish I was kidding). It’s not impossible, but the challenge is marked by the amount of items you made disappear by the end of the three minutes. Play Good Impression in browser or download following the link below and see if you can impress mom! Like do we really need to?

Download & play the game jam build here.

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