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Guardians of Ember – Beta Access

Choose your class and step into a world of danger and hardship in Guardians of Ember. Though this hack-n-slash MMORPG model might sound familiar, GoE has a unique flavor of its own. This isometric Diablo-style RPG is in early access, but already has a great foundation to stand on. The gameplay might be familiar, but the details in the HUD and character leveling system make an attempt to create a unique mask for this genre with a vast library. Beginning at character creation, players have a fairly decent amount of customization options. Though this isn’t fine-tuned, there is a wide variety of unique characters to be spawned from this nicely detailed customization system. There’s a handful of races and classes to choose from, from dwarves to elves, and rangers to arcanists. Each role is sure to provide a fun combat experience, which gets quite involving the more you rack up combo kills on creatures. Stocking up on gold and equipment gets to be an addicting job, and the many quests available might even become background noise for a while.

Rescuing the town from a goblin onslaught will reveal the next step in the main quest, as well as unlock some side quests to initiate. There’s a large map to explore and complete quests in, so traveling far away will show the player new establishments and unique enemies. Skill points are assigned to a small amount of skills that govern the player’s stats, such as attack speed and critical chance. The player stat system is not as in-depth as your typical RPG, however leveling up your abilities is the main focus. Assigning different attacks and techniques to your hotkeys and leveling up your favorites will be the core focus when reinforcing your real-time battle attacks. Guardians of Ember takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world, and begins in a simple natural landscape, and slowly progresses into the darkness that hides most of its features from plain sight. Since it’s an MMORPG, you’ll see other players running around, but for the most part the interactions are never focused, and are very minimal in chance. There may be no “true” single player yet, but having other players running around doesn’t seem to ruin the experience for the most part. Guardians of Ember has a great foundation that can evolve into a unique RPG experience, but it does have a long way to go before the world truly comes to life.

Get access to the beta with the full game and download it here.

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