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Gunnhildr – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

The world of Niflheim is in turmoil, and an uprising has brought about tremors of change against its corrupt leadership. As the only warrior to ascend as an ancient, Gunnhildr has been tasked with heading this uprising against those who govern this lost and misguided land. With an arsenal of divine weaponry, players will take the fight to the front lines and lay waste to the legions who infest this planet. The current build is a time trial demo, dropping players into the spirit world. Breaking out of the cell that holds her, Gunnhildr makes a dash for the door to enter Nifleheim to begin exterminating the foes within. Each weapon in the game is unique in every way. Firing function, reload animation and other aspects have been applied to each gun, giving life to the weapons themselves. The user interface is reminiscent of Metroid Prime, utilizing an lattice display much like the interior of a helmet.

Gunnhildr has a smooth FPS dash-and-gun gameplay with a ton of great special effects that adorn every part of the level. From the sounds of projectile impact to the destruction of level props, the player is surrounded by an immersive environment from start to finish. Gunnhildr makes use of randomly generated dungeons on Nifleheim for a unique experience every run through. There are no current settings available client-side to adjust the performance of the game however, so the only effects that may be toggled are motion blur and UI special effects. After player death, the game will restart back at the beginning with a score readout for the player’s performance. The art style in this Norse Mythology-inspired FPS is an excellent example of stylized game art, and establishes wondrous visuals throughout the game world. To follow development for Gunnhildr, the developer Twitter can be found here!

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

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