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House of the Dying Sun – Beta Access

A handful of fighters can do so much let alone one, yet over the years we didn’t even give them a chance until now. House of the Dying Sun is a tactical space first person shooter where you take control of a dying empire’s interceptors and placed in its cockpit as you complete missions ranging from escorting missions o assassinations.

The visual design, effects and art style is nothing but but gorgeous with the soundtrack adding to its authentic feel. Enjoy its variety of highly replayable missions/scenarios, take command and control of your fleet where you can pause the game and give out order or switch to another fighter, and after finishing missions and complete bonus objectives you’ll be able to upgrade your fleet, getting new weapons or upgrading your defense and/or offense systems.

We played a few missions and we already see ourselves addicted to it. Missions don’t take much of your time yet they are packed with a lot of tactical action, that you’re incredibly immersed in this short period of time.

Get beta access with the full game here.

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