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Immemorial – Alpha Download

In a dark world weathered by storms lies a mausoleum arena where warrior mages clash in a top down 2D PVP match. Immemorial is an early access local only two player title where players face off in a duel to see who can score four wins first. The characters each have a sword attack and a spell cast that can be aimed and thrown to do damage. Each round, the players are tossed into a small arena and forced against each other. There’s a basic fog of war and each player has an illumination radius around them, but since both players are on the same screen, the light is only to reveal traps or interactable objects in the level. There are spike traps that cause damage if stepped on, and barrels that can be broken with a chance to find a mana pickup to replenish the magic meter.

Each player will have a health and mana meter, which of course once one of the player’s health reaches zero, the spot where they die spawns a portal that the victor may pass through. After the portal is traversed, the players find themselves separated in a catacombs where they will choose one of three buffs to add to their character for the next round. The game is very simple, yet has a really nicely established art style and atmosphere. There’s a lot of potential in Immemorial, however the current early access is very limited. And with a lot of players mostly doing their multiplayer online and not local, the game is going to need to expand to include internet connected matches and more levels to really flesh out this amazing world. Currently, if you have an annoying sibling or a significant other who you’d love to throw down with, grab a controller, grab a keyboard/mouse and face off. Hey, rope your parents/grandparents in too, it’s a great way to solve family disputes!

Download the alpha build here.

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