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INSIGHT – Beta Sign-Up

If you can’t use your eyes to see then use your ears. INSIGHT (or INSIGHT FPS) is a first person competitive online multiplayer shooter that’s inspired by select set of highly praised and played games like Quake, Mirror’s Edge, Counter-Strick and Shootmania, with the game focusing on a specific kind of movement and sound system, one that promotes a unique style of gameplay.

Aside from the game providing you with a variety of weapons, multiple game modes, a skill-based matching system, spectating and replay editing functionality, you’ll enjoy the game’s original style of gameplay regarding the movement system that’s based around sound, where any time a player runs, lands from a jump, shoot or take damage they’d emit sound and become briefly visible to all players throughout the level, even behind structures. So to not be seen you’d have to stand still (which is probably the worst idea) or move throughout the level via the use of the silent movement system which includes crouch sliding, wall sliding and jumping or walking.

Sign-up for the beta here.


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