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Last One Standing – Game Jam Download

We wish dominoes in real life would easily generate lines of dominoes like in this game. Last One Standing is a top-down local-multiplayer dominoes dueling game where up to six players play as a uniquely colored domino piece that generates more dominoes as you walk/move, and the objective here is to try to make the other player fall flat on his/her domino face, effectively making them lose the match.

This game is incredibly unique from our point of view and extremely fun, presenting a new simple concept from an already established game that gave birth to satisfying gameplay and visually pleasing and delightful sound effects.

Download the game jam build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

One thought to “Last One Standing – Game Jam Download”

  1. Pretty fun game! Played on the keyboard, one player on WASD and one on the arrow keys.

    It’s very well made and we experienced no bugs. There’s the ability to play up to 6 players on the same screen. Totally worth a download if you have some people to play with. Easy to pick up, games last like 10-30 seconds each.

    Try to slow down a bit, if they hit your back domino, you can break the chain reaction by making a sharp corner.

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