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Legrand Legacy – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

We can ultimately do one thing, choosing to be evil or good. Legrand Legacy is a tactical turn-based Japanese-styled role-playing strategy adventure game, set in a chaotic fantasy world where you play as Finn and other heroes that you’ll meet along the way, bound together to defend their universe and bring back peace to their kingdoms.

The graphics aren’t anything to go shout about, but the game’s art style and how the overall visuals are presented forces you to appreciate its design, which not many games can achieve. The game’s character designs from the main cast to most general NPCs and the variety of enemies are all well done and highly detailed, giving each one their own recognizable unique traits and personalities.

The character you play as and the ones you’ll group with along your ventures are likable and fun to play with, as well as getting emotionally attached to them. The story told with the dialogue presented is interesting and immediately captures your interests. The combat system follows what’s been presented before but with an added action-ish system that would increase your attack and defense while in the action stage if successfully, but lowered if you don’t correctly press the correction key in the correct area. The game has a lot more features but you can check that out yourself when you try it out.

Not many turn-based JRPGs capture our interest, but this one did and it will probably capture yours as well, more so if you are a fan of the genre. A fantastic example of how a variant of a JRPG should be. Also have a listen to the soundtrack, it’s great!

Download the pre-alpha demo here or here.


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