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Life is Feudal: Forest Village – Beta Access

So many people from other villages/towns/countries are getting exiled, to then start their own colony to the point where we’d need a bigger planet. Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a city builder with survival aspects to it, set in a harsh medieval world in the Life is Feudal universe. You’ll start off small but you’ll work and manage your settlement, expanding it as you build different structures from houses to other various work plots.

The game resembles another game called Banished a lot in various aspects/parts of it, but differentiates itself with various features like terraforming the land, going in first person mode and take control of any villager as you preform some of their work, and in general it takes it’s own pace and different technical directions with the game’s main series as its other inspiration.

Get beta access with the full game here.

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