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LUCAH – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

This looks like a really bad dream, enjoyable to play though. LUCAH is a top-down 2D action adventure role-playing game where you’re in a pretty dark if not nightmarish looking world, playing as a.. someone who does some pretty great damage.

You’re not alone though, you have a flying drone helping you out with its abilities. We couldn’t get the story or lore behind the game (probably because it’s still being worked on) but it does imply having a strong one.

Aside from that the gameplay is interesting and fun where you have different types of unique attacks, where you’d perform each one depending on the different types of enemies you’ll encounter. Plus the art style is kind of great to consume. The whole game is pretty much a very cool and badass nightmare.

Download the pre-alpha demo itch.io.

Check out the game’s funding campaign on Kickstarter.

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