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Make Sail – Beta Sign-Up


The game just launched a crowdfunding campaign over at Fig and with it comes more info about it, new great gameplay footage, and a chance to help the game out.

So what’s Make Sail? It’s a third person physics construction adventure game where you build your own ship/s, set sail and go from one island to another, gather new pieces along the way to make your ship preform better and nicer looking, although watch out for the dangers in the open sea. All that while enjoying the game’s physically-based sailing with advanced water and wind simulations.

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There isn’t much info about Make Sail, but from what we can assume from the little footage, screenshots, concept art and a tiny description, it’s a third person open world exploration adventure game about sailing and discovering thousands of islands.

There’ll probably be resource gathering and crafting since you have to craft your own boat and being proud of your own”creative- designs” as you make one. From looking at the concept art for the game, there’ll be relics, ruins and creatures both on land and under the sea but it’s unknown if we can interact with them or not.

The footage shown above is what’s currently available at the moment, but a new screenshot of the game has been provided giving us a glimpse of how the game looks as of writing this article. Check this out and this. This game looks like it’ll be providing a satisfying exploration-filled experience that not many could provide, and we can’t wait to see more of it and hopefully play it at some point.

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