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Mana Spark – Alpha Download [Sign-Up]

How could such a cute world be so cold and unforgiving? Whatever the method, Behemutt has found the secret and employed it without fail. Bringing together top down, screen by screen play style with a little radial shooter element, Mana Spark is a pick up and probably not put down title that keeps you going back for more, despite the amount of times you meet your doom. It’s not a Rogue-like, so don’t get it twisted, at least not yet in this Alpha build. Honestly at this point in time it has no need for that, as the in-game rewards are satisfactory yet not so god-like that you’ll mourn the loss of your acquired items should you perish. Skip, roll and shoot your way through the forest level to make your way to the dungeons, and every time you restart, you’ll notice the levels are rearranged to present a new experience every time, so don’t try to memorize the order of the map cells. You’re a ranger, and an agile one at that, so fire those arrows and roll around to avoid enemy attacks.

You’ll face other rangers, goblins and wild animals as you make your way through this cute but hostile world. Collecting power ups and gold is a fun objective, but what really keeps the momentum is trying to figure out tactical ways to avoid attacks and fire your arrows to take down enemies. Some may have shields, and you’ll need to learn their vulnerable spots to take them out. There’s even a mirror item that allows your arrows to bounce off walls, so if you’re lucky enough to find that, your fights will get a lot more interesting. Aside from the fighting and dungeon crawling, there’s actually a bit of lore to be discovered in this game world. Throughout the dungeons, bookshelves can be interacted with in order to read notes and other small pieces of narrative. From what I’ve seen so far, it sounds like there’s some kind of weird arcane experimentation going on, but that’s all I’m going to divulge. The rest is up to you to discover. Overall, with its addicting gameplay and excellent soundtrack, the atmosphere is well-established and the core of the gameplay is set, giving you a good look at what Mana Spark aims to achieve in a full build.

Download the alpha build here.

Sign-up for the alpha via via Google Form.

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