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Monolith – Beta Demo Download

This generation has been the best so far in providing classical feeling games with top-notch quality. Monolith is a top-down 2D sci-fi action adventure arcade shooter with procedurally generated elements, where you take control of a fighter space ship venturing through floors of of an abandon facility that holds incredible technology, or so the legend says.

The game has a fantastic soundtrack, great pixel art visuals, smooth and solid gameplay with tight controls, and a fun journey to take with challenging enemies and bosses to faces as you explore each area, finding new weapons and upgrades as you fight and come closer to your goal. We can’t help but be reminded of Shovel Knight and Enter the Gungeon in regards to the quality of the game in general and its presentation, as well as how satisfying it is to play it and enjoy it.

Download the beta demo on itch.io.

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