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Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle – Prototype Download

When was the last time you saw a Puffin fighting waves of zombies all alone in a dark castle? That’s probably an every day occurrence for some of you, but it’s quite a rare sight. Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle is a jam entry for Wizard Jam 4, putting players in the role of Mr. Puffin, a fearless sea-faring bird who’s down to slap some zombies. Wearing his green raincoat to stay dry in this dark and stormy night, Mr. Puffin has wandered into a dark castle for shelter from the storm. Unfortunately this space is occupied, by hordes of zombies waiting in the darkness. MPiTDC is played in waves, where the player controls Mr. Puffin in third person running around slapping zombies to kill them. The mechanics are fairly simple, Mr. Puffin has a health and stamina bar, run out of stamina and you can’t slap anymore. Run out of health and the Oh No screen appears and the game is over.

There are a few bugs still with the current build, some of which fix themselves with a simple restart of the game. My first playthrough I couldn’t get audio, so I restarted and it was present the second time around. The only other issue I found was that I couldn’t progress to the next level after killing all the zombies, however I feel like that’s probably my luck and will only ever happen to me. Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle is a difficult horde game due to the player character’s limited combat prowess, so carefully planned movement and strikes will keep you alive. The visuals are very unique, and well handled. The game has an intriguing allure about it, and would be interesting to see more of the game expanded upon in the future. With excellent sound, interesting atmosphere and delightful zombie slaying, Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle is a jam game you can’t miss!

Download the prototype build here.

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