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Night Lights – Alpha Demo Download

Night Lights is a 2D puzzle platformer where the environment is key to solving physics based conundrums. The environment is dark and dreary, and physical elements as well as interactable objects, like boxes and ladders, are silhouettes. Light tears through the shadowy setting, making objects and terrain disappear. The core of Night Lights is using light to your advantage, or learn how to work around it. Lights are connected to static spots in the environments. Night Lights’ toughest levels and puzzles will need you to move the lights with levers and pulleys in order to conquer them.  

The bulk of Night Lights’ charm comes from its setting and tone. Low droning, ambient electronic music sets the mood throughout the game. The simplistic graphics adds to the dreary motif and compliments it nicely. Most of the levels are set in an atmospheric forest that effectively carries the mood. The levels that take place in a developed buildings don’t break the setting, though. The buildings are still empty, and you’re still alone. The puzzles are capable and rewarding. They’re hard enough to be satisfying, and besting puzzles gives a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, but they’re not too tough where you’ll be frustrated. The fun puzzles, awesome environment, and immersive tone make Night Lights a short lived blast. Beating all the levels only takes about 45 minutes, and they’re well worth your time.

Download the alpha demo here.

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