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No Mario’s Sky (DMCA’s Sky) – Game Jam Build Download

What better way to start play games from the Ludum Game Jam 36 event than a parody game? No Mario’s Sky is a 2D sci-fi exploration adventure platformer with an infinite universe, 1000 Goombas with various alternate forms and behavior.

A mash up of two games that you probably didn’t even think about, No Man’s Sky and Mario. It oddly turned out neat to play actually, with a simple pixel art style and controls, fun to seamless go from one planet to another with your space ship, and listening to “different” music in each planet as you explore it.

Update: No Mario’s Sky has been DMCA’ed by Nintendo officials/layers and has been pulled from officially being downloaded. Fortunately, the developers have put up a new game called DMCA’s Sky. In this game you play as Finn the spaceman searching for Princess Mango in an infinite universe filled with a lot of unique Moombas to squash.

Download the game jam build here.

Download DMCA’s Sky here.

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