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Non Euclidean Room – Game Jam Download

Some of you out there might not know what Non-Euclidean Geometry is off the top of your head, but you know it when you see it. It’s a technique some of us developers like to experiment with typically in puzzle games. Possibly the most popular example can be seen in Valve’s Portal, when two portals are placed creating hyperbolic geometry allowing passage through the Euclidean surface to the parallel zone. This is the basis for Non-Euclidean Room, by NuSan, dropping players into a room that essentially repeats, and eventually starts to look like a trip illustrated by M.C. Escher. There’s actually not a whole lot to this LD37 Jam entry, but the scripting accomplishment in Unity 3D is a work of art in and of itself. The game terminates when the player clicks on 8/8 blue targets and walks into the dark hallway. My first playthrough went without a hitch, as if I already knew how to flawlessly complete the game in one fell swoop. However, the targets aren’t simply tagged without a challenge.

In the beginning room, a couple targets are accessible on the lower levels of the room, however to reach the higher levels, you must pass through a doorway into a neighboring room, which is actually the same one repeated over and over, yet you’ll appear in a different spot should you take a staircase up. Now you’ve reached the upper floor, yet you’ll find that some of the targets are blocked with a chunky particle effect, forcing you to jump through some more parallels into different versions of the same room to see if you can happen upon one where the reachable targets are unlocked and ripe for the picking. Run, jump and explore the different levels of the Non-Euclidean Room, then locate the dark hallway and escape. Game jam entries are going to be simple, especially with only one developer. However Non-Euclidean Room has an integrated theme, interesting art style, impressive game script and it adheres to the Ludum Dare theme “One Room”. It’s actually a clever manipulation of the theme, giving the player a false sense of freedom yet confining them to the same room, over and over…

Download the game jam build here.

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