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One Punch Mech – Prototype Demo Download

One Punch Mech throws more than one punch, don’t be misled by that title. In this unique 2D scroller beat-em-up players will float around as a little mech fighting equally-tiny mechs and some not so equally-sized mechs in a destroy everything kind of way. The game is rendered in a 3D world with characters and objects made in 2D giving the game a novelty feel, like you’re drifting around as a paper robot punching all the other toys. The mech has a rapid small punch attack and a secondary charge-up punch. If the rapid attack is held for a couple seconds, the mouse button may be released for a dash attack. Both the mouse buttons may be pressed at the same time for an ultra blast attack that can be used when the spirit meter is full.

In this arcade destruction fest, the game is accompanied by a fast-paced soundtrack that you would expect in F-Zero, Mega Man or a Gundam theme song. This gives One Punch Mech its exciting pacing, and fuels the inner fighting spirit (hence the spirit meter for the ultimate attack). The game is still in development, and there’s no kill screen when the player dies, nor is there confirmation on level complete. Destroying the boss at the end doesn’t trigger anything (that I noticed), not even when I went back and literally punched every tree, building and telephone pole to death. Even still, One Punch Mech is a worthy prototype, and is a great concept for a more complete floating robot punch-everything type of game.

Download the alpha demo here.

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