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Orcish Inn- Pre-Alpha Download

Ok so the first impression of Orcish Inn tells you that you’re gonna manage an inn, as an orc, right? They made it seem like it was gonna be pretty simple, just you know, make a tavern and get that baby up and running. Well let me tell you something kids, after a few hours into the game, I might not have had that dream tavern in business, but I was having a killer time working towards it and this little breakdown will explain why. So you start in a hot air balloon and everything is cute, there’s this other orc who flies you around- Wait a second, I forgot to tell you that the world is randomly generated first. Ok so back to the balloon, we’re floating around, surveying the land and the composition of its’ biomes. We decide whether or not we like the way it looks, and we have a choice to essentially reroll and generate another world. Once we’re all copacetic, we get dropped off, and now it’s time to harvest and craft. Something I wasn’t expecting was the amount of work that leads up to creating the Orcish Inn, it’s not a fast process. Adding to the amount of resources needed, you’ve got more than a handful of challenges to face. In order to keep your orc able and strong, you need to keep them fed, well-rested and at a safe body temp. There are weather effects, different seasons (yeah there’s a crazy amount of programming in this pre-alpha) and deterioration of your supplies.

I spent hours, regenerating worlds and trying new things, and the first major challenge I had to overcome was keeping the stamina meter full enough to gather resources. Cutting down two large trees will tire out your orc and you’ll either need to sleep (which you can only do at night) or just equip your fishing pole and throw a line in the water. The orcs love maxin and fishing on the beach, honestly, it’s the life. Just go grab some ores and wood, throw them in the smelter or wood mill, and while they’re converting into ingots and planks you can chill out and catch some fish. There’s a crazy amount of depth in Orcish Inn, and you’ll most likely find yourself astounded at the amount of items, craftables and stats for your orc. Yeah, you can even level up your orc’s stats with knowledge points, so now this just became an RPG. If you thought you’d just be playing tavern manager, you’re sadly mistaken, but you’ll be surprised and delighted when you get into the survival and career building, and I didn’t even get into the farming and different kinds of beer you can brew, with beetles in them if you’d like for added flavor. Orcish Inn, come for the ale, stay for the survival RPG.

Download the pre-alpha build here or here.

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