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Osiris: New Dawn – Pre-Beta Access

If you see a squished spider-cockroach looking creature, do not let it have distance from you. Osiris: New Dawn is a first/third person online multiplayer sci-fi survival game where you crash-landed on a distant planet, where you and other players (you can play in solo offline mode) start to build a colony and survive on the planet you’re in.

Survive the game’s hostile environment as well as face off against alien creatures, that most of the time look horrifying, and as you explore the lands you’ll gather resources, craft materials to build new items, structures and vehicles to then hopefully go to the stars (we’ve yet to reach that far though).

It looks beautiful and the gameplay as well as crafting is one of the smooth ones out there in the genre. We played it for a few hours and while it definitely needs tweaks, it’s definitely a diamond waiting to be discovered.

Get pre-beta access with the full game here.

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