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Outward – Beta Sign-Up

We can’t wait to get knocked out and, get fully looted then thrown into the woods to die. Outward is a challenging third-person action adventure role-playing fantasy game with a lot of interesting features and gameplay mechanics, that we won’t do it justice informing you of it but we’ll try.

What we came to understand the game as is that it’s an RPG simulator, where it’s trying to deliver beyond what we’re used to in RPGs or adventure games in general. Like for example, when a group of bandits gang up on you and you lose to them, sometimes you won’t get a game over screen but possibly wake up and find yourself held for ransom, or naked in the woods left to die, and you’d want to get back up and get past through these difficulties. The devs call this particular system “Dynamic defeat scenarios”.

There’s also realistic “ritualistic” spell-casting, different story-playthroughs, no cheating the system and load back to a previous save, combating various monsters and bandits as well as trying to survive in general with the need to east, drink and sleep. You can also play the game by yourself or in split-screen or online coop (or both). Outward is ambitious and we can’t wait to give it a try and see how we fair.

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