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Planet Nomads – Alpha Access

If you were underwhelmed by a previous science fiction survival game, then this will probably cheer you up. Planet Nomads is a first/third person open world sci-fi sandbox survival game with a focus on, what we’d like to call creative exploration. That might be a dumb but we like it!

You’re thrown in a procedurally generated and fully destructible world, and you explore that world filled with a lot of mysteries to unravel and challenges to overcome, all the while building your base/s with different facilities and build various vehicles for different purposes. When you’re ready and done with your planet, you can build a space ship and then travel to another planet with it’s own unique look and obstacles.

The current build of the game is a first step to achieve all what the game will be as mentioned above, providing you at the moment with a single procedural planet to explore, and a handful of building blocks to create your base and land vehicle. Hopefully we’ll get online coop and/or multiplayer at some point in the future.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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