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Pool Party Panic – Open Beta Download

I’ve always wanted to be a lifeguard. I always imagined it would be so fun yelling at people and pushing them into the pool. In the top-down action/sim Pool Party Panic, I am living the dream. To the sound of the steel drums, I dash around the pool and make sure people don’t get set on fire from the sun. For some reason, I’m the only lifeguard on duty, but eh, whatever. I can handle this myself with my towel, sunscreen and supersoaker if I absolutely have to. In Pool Party Panic you play as a yellow blob guy trying to keep all the blue blob people from turning red and setting on fire. This will keep the park satisfaction at a reasonable rate. If the blue blob people sit in the sun too long, they’ll burn to death if you don’t push them into the pool. The game starts out small, with a little pool and a decent sized walkway. The further you get in, the bigger the parks get.

The objective has been made clear, keep the blue blob people from burning. But aside from that constant goal, each level has a set of three achievements that boost your overall rating. Typically, you want a yellow or higher. Anything in the red and you have to redo the level and keep those blue blob people happy! The player can use a whistle to attract burning guests to them so it’s easier to wrangle them up and smack them into the pool. Honestly, it’s just fun to run around and keep smacking everyone into the pool with your towel. Some of them even like it! You can open umbrellas to shade the blob people sitting in the chaise lounge chairs, or splatter some sunscreen all over their body like icing on a little blueberry. That’s weird. Later on in the higher levels, you’ll have more challenges to attempt, and an array of tools to help you keep the park safe. There’s an ice bucket to dump into the pools to keep them from getting too hot. A tubey slide to zip around the park faster, and a supersoaker to squirt guests if you don’t feel like smacking them into the pool. The game has so much going on, it’s just a blast running around pushing people in the pool while frantically trying to win those achievements while you’re at it!

Download the open beta.

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