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Power Drill Massacre – Alpha Demo Download

We need more charming games like this one. Power Drill Massacre is a third-person survival horror puzzle game with an 80’s slasher flicks theme to it when VHS home videos were king. You play as a woman who crashed her car, wandering about to find herself in a house nearby to then notice that a maniac serial killer is stalking you from the shadows.

We love how this game looks, feels and plays as it reminds us of old fun and horrifying times of our younger years, sparking that sensation of almost shitting one’s self from the terror of playing such a PS1-like game that contains all the unique elements back in the day from visuals, sound effects, puzzles and a great setting.

It’s been a long while since this game was around, and even the footage you’re seeing above like the build you’re about to play won’t be represented of how the game will look later on, as we look at this Unity 5 gameplay footage test.

Download the alpha demo here.

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