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Project Argo – Prototype Download

If there’s a big version then there must be a small version, some would say. Project Argo is competitive online multiplayer first person shooter set in the near future where two teams of mercenaries compete over objectives on the battlefield. It’s an experimental total conversion game of Arma 3.

You could say it’s a condensed and more focused version of Arma 3, providing more quicker yet even more intense and suspense-filled action. With 5-vs-5 multiplayer matches and three game modes to start with, you’ll enjoy how challenging the game is with it requiring good teamwork, great tactics and high skill levels.

We played a player-made custom game mode when Arma 3 first launched, that provided a small area with two teams fighting each other, but after a week or so there wasn’t many players playing that mode and it sort of died off, but now we thankfully have Project Argo that has that same focus but with a lot more expansive and with the proper support and development it needs.

Download the prototype build here.

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