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Project Wingman – Alpha Demo Download

Orion team, destroy all indicated targets in the area. That’s the command, and just ahead of your squadron lies an array of green highlighted bogeys. AA emplacements, radar arrays and an enemy fleet in opposition to your group. Luckily, you have a decent-sized fleet at your side. This is Project Wingman, and you are not alone in this classic air combat simulator. Start in the hangar, choose your loadout, and take flight. The mission seems fairly small in scale at first, but just when you thought you eliminated the entirety of the enemy targets, a look ahead will reveal another group of bogeys to shoot down. This mission is fairly extensive, and it’s going to take a lot of concentration, patience and resolve to get through this. It might be wise to take a balance of bombs and missiles on your mission, as you’re going to want to save missiles for enemy aircraft, and employ carefully executed bombing runs to take out enemy emplacements.

The Project Wingman alpha shows great attention to detail, particularly in the HUD. There’s a good target highlighting system from locking targets in air or tagging ground structures with a bombing run. The third person camera is the easiest route, but those who seek further immersion and challenge might want the cockpit view. Turning the pitch and yaw of the plane to swing in and out of combat speed or escape velocity is an exciting and difficult experience. You may have flown in close to get a good shot at a radar or AA emplacement, but throttling out of missile lock through a group of enemies might be extremely difficult to do without hitting a hillside, or pitching yourself upside down right into the ground. There’s a difficult aspect to Project Wingman that takes a little getting used to before you’re expertly sweeping those targets like they were nothing. Just like anything else, get familiar with the controls and pilot that fighter jet to victory, with your squad at your side to the very end.

Download the alpha demo here.

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