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Raft – Prototype Download

It’s been I don’t know how many day’s that I’ve been stuck on this raft fending off this shark. I mean by this point we’ve been traveling together for so long, I think it’s my friend, because I’m no longer threatened by its presence. In fact, it just seems to eat the junk that my nets collect, granted I need to keep building a new net every time she decides to eat. After being on the sea for so long, my raft went from a tiny 4×4 pallet sized hunk of wood to a three-story home, complete with a garden, kitchen and plenty of fishing decks. I guess you could say I’ve made myself a new home here deep in the middle of nowhere. Can’t tell you where all this debris is coming from, but am I complaining? Yeah right, that junk floating into my grasp is my ONLY resource, otherwise I can drink saltwater until I die of dehydration. In this first-person survival quest of mine, I had to make quick choices, lest I die from starvation or run out of clean water to drink.

Grabbing the floating debris with my hook, I crafted a can to collect water, then a boiling station to clean it and make it drinkable. From there on out, I was grabbing wood and palm fronds to craft a larger raft, til eventually it just looked like a floating paradise that could house many survivors. Eventually, my shark friend seemed to become more passive, and just circled for minutes before deciding to take another chunk out of my floating mansion. I eventually had three palm trees growing, a plot for potatoes, several food and water cooking stations and so much time to fish for Mackerel. I can’t begin to tell you how sweet life is on the sea, especially when you have a shark friend to share it with. Raft is an insanely addicting prototype that in its current state, could provide a ridiculous amount of hours worth of fun. The game’s appeal could be greatly increased by adding more types of food, and a difficulty setting that makes the shark more or less aggressive, or changes the rate of floating resources. If you’re about that tropical survival life on the sea, Raft is where it’s at. Who cares if that awkwardly-shaped wooden monstrosity wouldn’t float properly irl, there’s too much going on in virtual reality to care, and it’s so fun it should be illegal. So go ahead, make that thing a mile long boardwalk floating in the ocean, or a well-engineered floor plan to accommodate your gardening and fishing needs. Kick back, toss a line in the water and start your own Raft today!

Download the prototype build on itch.io.

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