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Revhead – Beta Sign-Up

I really hope you know a bit about automobiles, because if you don’t, Revhead might make your head spin. Don’t freak out though, just relax and we’ll get through this together. So the game aims to put players in a narrative where you move to Australia to help your friend Charlie, a mechanic who literally can’t stop turning everyday cars into racing machines. He’s addicted, but after you’ve won a few races and boosted your rep, you might be the one needing help from Charlie. So you get to customize a car and race, sounds alright, but what if the more you race the more popular you get, the more money you earn, the more cars you get…. Ok now it’s getting a little ridiculous, but you just can’t stop. This is as bad as eating potato chips, unless you hate potato chips. Or cars. If you hate cars then good luck driving a potato chip to work, let me know how that works out for you.

So in the beginning I told you Revhead might make your head spin, I was talking about the hundred or so parts that go into customizing your car from the chassis to the engine, paint job to the accessories. You read right, I said about a hundred, so you’re going to need to learn how these parts work in concert with each other, figure out the best configuration and customize your whip if you want to up your rep in Noordu and scoop up more cars, cash and parts. This is too good, you can’t stop driving but then more cars get thrown at you and now you need to upgrade and drive that one, but you want to finish pimpin out that pickup, but this new car has better handling. Now your problems are stacking up! You’ll get addicted to it, and playing it is just an email away. Check out the game’s Steam Greenlight page for more info.

Sign-up for the beta by sending an email to beta@revheadgame.com with info about yourself and why you’re a good candidate.

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