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Riptale – Beta Sign-Up

Riptale took me back to my Ninja Gaiden days on the old NES. Strangely enough, the game had that kind of atmosphere, with the simplistic pixel art and composition of level design elements, this game takes you through an underground labyrinth of endless carnage. The player takes on the role of a swordsman who can jump and attack. That’s it. However the amount of times you can attack is based on a small allowance of three crystals. Each time you attack, a crystal’s energy is spent. Once all three are depleted, you must wait a couple seconds to replenish their energy before attacking. This works a bit like a fatigue/stamina system except these crystals also dictate what type of attack is performed. Throughout this randomly-assembled dungeon crawler, you’ll find shops where you can purchase different crystals that replace any of the three, changing the type of attack.

The beta so far has a simple gameplay, but the challenge is enough to keep you playing and struggling to collect enough gold to purchase different crystals. The player has four hearts HP, and there are random pickups that replenish health so it’s beneficial to slash as many monsters, crates and vases as possible in order to find gold and health. Taking a step back, the game looks ridiculously simplistic with elements that are very minimal in scope. Yet the game already provides enough action and reward to keep you going for a while. I wasn’t sure about how long I’d be playing the demo given that it looked like it didn’t have a whole lot going on in this build, but I’m going to be jumping right back into this one to enjoy the atmosphere and the challenge. The keyboard controls are a bit difficult if you’re not using a controller, so it takes a bit of time to get in the groove, pressing Z to jump and X to attack. At first you might be dashing down a hole into the next area or jumping at the wrong time, but the great part about that is there are no death pits to worry about. If you fall into a hole you’ll just end up in the next room. Riptale feels like the old Gameboy/NES titles, but plays like a modern 2D action game. If you’re looking for an easy-to-play addiction, get your monster-slashing fix by signing up for the beta!

Sign-up for the beta.

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