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Room 007 – Game Jam Build Download

The Ludum Dare 37 theme “One Room” really pushed developers to find creative and interesting ways to challenge players using such a limited world space. Room 007 is a perfect example of this in action. In an isometric room, the player must interact with the furniture in order to propel a bomb out of the room before it explodes. The concept is simple, and the game starts out pretty slow to allow players a bit of time to understand how each of the modified furniture works. The bomb will explode in a matter of seconds, and it seems that if enough force is applied to the bomb, that only accelerates the process. There’s a wardrobe that opens to push the bomb, a chair that lifts to open a trap door, a revolving wall segment, a bed that barrel rolls and a carpet that acts as a mini conveyor belt. Activating the room decor in response to the physics-based movement of the bomb will take speed and precision as the game goes on. There is no score, and no actual calculated goal, so it’s a never ending fight to keep pushing that bomb out of your room!

The art style is consistent, as it’s only a small room with a basic theme. Isometric cubicle-style rooms have risen in popularity due to their visual appeal and minimalist composition. There is no music, although it just sounds like the developer whistled little jingles here and there to act as notifications which works well for Room 007. The concept is basic, well-executed, and sticks with the theme given for the jam, so it’s a solid entry for LD37. If the developer plans to expand, it would be nice to see different versions of the room, new furniture and maybe even more bombs at once at higher levels of difficulty. A score system would also be interesting, although a timer wouldn’t be necessary as the visual cue of the bomb turning red before exploding is a nice indicator as is.

Download the game jam build here.

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