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She Remembered Caterpillars – Beta Demo Download

‘fungipunk’. That is all. She Remembered Caterpillars is a top-down adventure puzzle game set in a fantasy world where you take control of little creatures, each one having a unique color (and shape) where you have to guide them in each level and solve their color-based puzzles.

It starts off so simple where one color can pass a bridge of the same color and getting to its destination, but the more you play the more it gets very, very complicated with different barriers to study, different colors to manage and even merging colors by one creatures going inside another (that’s somehow both creepy and cute).

Aside from the satisfaction of solving these puzzles, you’ll enjoy the game’s beautiful visual art style, relaxing music, and the simple story that’s presented to you piece by piece with each level you finish.

Download the beta demo here.

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