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Skara – The Blade Remains – Open Alpha Download

Skara – The Blade Remains has come a long way and evolved much since the first time I played it. Before, I remember a simple one-on-one battle in the same arena against the same CPU over and over as it was in the early stages and there wasn’t much content at the time. Now if you load up the game, it’s got a more defined, attractive menu setup and an account login with your own personalized game records. There are four title characters in your lineup, and each of them can be outfitted with different weapons and armor, which require in-game purchase. The dashboard keeps track of your scores, shows the leaderboard and lets you view the latest news on the main page. You can also check out your character in the cosmetic tab, or read some of the lore behind the characters.

Each title character has a set of special techniques aside from their basic attacks. The battle system has been greatly improved, but it’s still tough to get used to. There’s a certain flow of battle you need to figure out before you find your groove. You can play a tutorial level, but it’s the same character and you only get to go through the basics, there’s no training with your favorite character except fighting in the arena! If you decide to jump into matchmaking, there are currently three different modes: 1v1 duel, 3v3 team match and Domination. The first two are simple: survive the battle and the last one standing wins. In Domination, the player will infiltrate the Ruins of Zem in an attempt to clear the stage and dominate. There’s also an Assault mode where players will be defending or conquering the Court of the Eagles, separating players on each team, attacking or defending. Skara is blooming and shows its own unique element in the online battle arena scene, and there’s more to follow as you fight to conquer the leaderboard.

Download the alpha on Steam.

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