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Sky Knights – Alpha Demo Download

Select your craft, strap in and take off, cause there’s not a whole lot of time before the enemy lays waste to our emplacements. As the point pilot in this top down flight combat title, you’re going to be instrumental in leading your side to victory using an array of weapons and types of craft. In Sky Knights, there are three types of aircraft available each with a specialty weapon of their own. From bombs to heat seeking missiles, you’ll decide which weapon you’ll need to assess each situation and select the appropriate fighter. Currently in the alpha, the game can pit players against each other in matches up to 3V3 or practice runs against the AI. Playing in PVP will earn you level ups for your account, whereas playing against the AI is simply practice and earns you nothing toward your profile. If finding someone to play against is difficult, practice mode is still addicting enough to provide hours of awesome destruction.

Starting on the landing strip, you’ll raise the throttle to take off into the action. The point is to destroy the three enemy bases while defending your own. Each target taken out will earn you cash, which you’ll use to buy upgrades. Each time you return to the landing strip for repair and rearming, you may purchase better hull integrity, advancements in your weapons and capacities or switch your craft. Some may be better suited to dogfighting, while the bomber is of course a great choice for taking out the enemy bases. Anti-aircraft emplacements protect the enemy base, so what are you going to do if you can’t get close enough to their base? Try out different craft, find what works best for each situation, and get out there and win one for the team. The alpha requires a sign up, email confirmation and key code activation to get inside the launcher. It’s well worth it, and this early look at Sky Knights shows that this game has a solid foundation, and can only enhance the already awesome gameplay with more craft, different modes and new missions.

Download the alpha demo here.

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