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Solstice Chronicles: MIA – Alpha Sign-Up

It’s always bloody dark with these games, and that’s a great thing! Solstice Chronicles: MIA (Missing in Action) is a top-down sci-fi twin-stick story-driven shooter that’s set in The Red Solstice universe, with the game revolving around two rivals that need to fight together in order to survive.

Earth was overrun by a ‘STROL’ virus, those who survived it went to Mars to establish a society and start living there as it’ll be ruled by corporations, but they found out that this venture won’t be easy as they’re facing many difficulties from incredibly violent storms and dealing with mutants.

Aside from enjoying the game’s visuals, story, setting and general gameplay, you’ll be interested in the game’s “Tactical Decisions” that’ll allow you to change the pace of the game as you manage enemy spawn rate, providing a desired tactical play-style. There’s also two-player local coop, and here’s hope we’ll get a bigger player count and online functionality.

Sign-up for the alpha here.

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