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Somewhere on Zibylon – Alpha Demo Download

Somewhere on Zibylon, there’s a little search drone sneaking through strange mech-scapes and solving engineering puzzles. Taking point as said drone in a third-person manner, the player begins by making their way through these awe-inspiring and bizarre tunnels, avoiding enemy drones and figuring out some difficult obstacles that lie in every segment. The game gives very basic information on the controls and functionality of the player drone, yet the puzzles themselves are so obscure that you might find yourself wondering if the way you solved it was actually how the developer intended. It gets to the point where you may even question whether or not you broke the game or made it somewhere you weren’t supposed to yet. That’s the beauty of Somewhere on Zibylon, the seemingly unconventional methods of solving puzzles with the available resources with little to no confirmation on whether or not you properly progressed. It is this element that the game capitalizes on, and with that being said, we move further into planetary control.

The introductory level is not simple by any means. Each of the areas have a very limited amount of things the player can interact with, however this drone is versatile enough to allow the skilled player enough ability to swiftly unlock the next area. Float around, grab boxes, or bonk your little drone head against a switch and see how these mechanisms influence the environment. Once you see how things react to each other, you’ll get a good idea of how to manipulate the functionality of this strange alien engineering to devise a way to open an exit for yourself. The exit may not be as obvious as the last sector, so don’t be afraid to float around and use your searchlight to check for a potential exit before tangling with the room’s puzzle.

Download the alpha demo here.

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