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Space Carrier Ops – Prototype Download

Space Carrier Ops is a work-in-progress space flight simulation experimental game created for the developer to test out some concepts for a more vast game. In the current prototype, the game features a space craft that’s completely physics-driven, and is controlled by manipulating the thrust levels and adjusting pitch and yaw. The game can be played with a keyboard, however a controller is highly recommended as the axis movement controls are easier and more responsive on a gamepad. Beginning on a launch pad, the player can take off, fly around space, attack other air craft, and practice landing on moving ships. There is no other goal to the game other than to try out what the developer has created so far, however everything in the game is functional and quite a marvelous accomplishment for one developer.

The available prototype is packaged with the Unity engine, however updates from the developer’s Twitter show that the game has been converted to Unreal Engine 4, and is still in development. Space Carrier Ops could serve as a great foundation for a vast space flight simulator, and would be interesting if it evolved into something like the X series of games, which was a space trade and combat simulator with little focus on narrative. Currently, there is no player death, damage calculation and nothing can be destroyed, however targets can be locked and fired upon, which do create explosion effects. It doesn’t seem like the AI engages the player, so an actual dogfight cannot be initiated. Three scenarios are available, each fairly similar with a launch pad and a drifting ship with a landing pad on top. One scenario has just the stationary landing pad, another where the ship actually moves and makes it more difficult to land on, and a third with target drones. One interesting aspect that has more influence than meets the eye is the flight computer. This assists with the stabilization of the ship, and also puts speed limits on the system’s thrust. The computer may be disengaged with the Z key, however it makes the ship much more difficult to control in terms of direction, however if you just want to dash around aimlessly with the thrusts at max, by all means, let loose.

Download the prototype here.

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