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Sprout – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

There’s a vast world out there in Sprout, and aptly named, implies that there’s much more potential for the world to grow. Using the Unity engine with low-poly stylized design, the world of Sprout is inviting and beautiful. The map is rather vast and full of landmarks to visit that will make the player feel quite small in comparison. It seems like a forgotten land, inhabited by productive beings long ago. There’s a history that’s told by the remaining structures themselves, landmarks of what was once a thriving land. The object of Sprout is to explore the land and discover the story behind this strange world, and create a new habitat out of it for a new generation of beings.

The pre-alpha is a simple exploration prototype, so there’s not a whole lot the player can do yet. There are a few giant structures in this beautiful land, some of which hide secrets for the player to discover. In a more complete build, the developers aim to incorporate a system where the player can build a new world out of what is already there. This isn’t available in the pre-alpha, so the only thing you can do is explore and get a feel for the environment that sets the stage for this large game with a lot of potential. The foundation for the planned mechanics is pretty solid, as is evident by experimenting with this prototype. It sets the stage perfectly for a game that allows players to manipulate and interact with the world. It’s a very basic play, but the pre-alpha of Sprout looks pretty awesome so far!

Download the pre-alpha demo on itch.io.

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