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Super Pilot 2000 – Prototype Demo Download

Racer maker? Yes please. Super Pilot 2000 is an anti-gravity arcade racing game where the main focus or main element its showcasing is creating, editing and sharing player-made tracks where you can make one yourself in a few minutes. As the developers describe it, the game is a mix between F-Zero GX and Mario Maker, and that sounds pretty awesome!

A simple track editor where all you have to do is pretty much just draw lines and fine-tuning curves. Aside from making race tracks, the gameplay is pretty solid and smooth with a basic yet very satisfying physics-based driving and a nice control set-up. While the art is still a WIP, the overall simple colors and overall design is beautify, we can’t wait to see where they go from here on out.

Download the prototype demo here.

Video is provided by RandomiseUser

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