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Super Red-Hot Hero – Alpha Demo Download

It’s a speed-runner’s paradise, so if you’re jones’n for something casual, shamble off elsewhere. Super Red-Hot Hero was made for those accustomed to high heart rates and time trial conquering skills. The game combines a couple elements established in Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, essentially the coin-grabbing and level prop dashing. There’s a whole lot to watch out for when cruising through this side-scrolling platformer, and a few abilities to help you navigate your way through. Now if you just try to run to the finish line, you’re not going to make it on speed alone. Developer StrangeLight Games has implemented a heat meter that can’t run out lest you want to be the next little explosion on screen. Collecting little combustion stars like coins is crucial to survival, so you’re forced to keep track of your meter, and potentially make a U-turn to grab those stars you missed before you get too cold and explode! After getting through the first level, you’ll start to unlock other abilities such as teleporting, melee and shooting. The teleport dash will save you in most situations, but the only catch is that you can only teleport to little explosions nearby. Some are permanent on screen, some disappear and others have to be created by the player either by kicking bombs or causing enemies to explode. That’s right, it’s a game where you just blow everything up in order to keep from falling down the pit of death, which may also be just a swim at the beach. One that kills you.


The levels are a bit short, but that’s fine by me, I need a break after dying a million times trying to get a jump or teleport dash just right. Jumping pits, avoiding enemies and traps are just a few things to struggle with. But the real challenge is keeping that meter from running out right when you may have forgotten about it. That last bit will creep up on you when you least expect it, and the dreaded empty battery symbol appears on the screen, much like when your cell phone is dying and so does your will to live. Not sure if there’s an ini file to change graphics settings off the top of my head, but the post-process could be toned down a bit, as global bloom and HDR were a bit too bright for me. Some of the level props and collectibles started to blend together a bit, or maybe I’m just getting old and my sight is going. Super Red-Hot Hero is currently in a crowdfunding campaign with about a month to go looking to get around $5000 more to reach their goal. The link below will take you to their Kickstarter page where you can also get the alpha demo!


Download the alpha demo here.

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