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Super Senso – Beta Sign-Up

Slated for a Q1 release on all mobile platforms, Super Senso aims to bring tactical grid-based domination to the hands of players. In Super Senso, players will face off, building a small battalion of mechs and units to destroy the opposing player’s Senso Gate. It’s a game of Chess, but smaller, and brings matchmaking competitions to your mobile device. Currently in development, this bite-sized head-to-head strategy game has been compared to the likes of Advance Wars, of which it seems to draw inspiration for its unique set of mechanics. Players will be choosing their squad and picking from the array of unique Sensos who all have their own special ability. The game is played in turns much like Chess, where the players will strategically spend energy points to perform actions, all in an attempt to secure the battlefield and destroy the enemy gate. Energy points can be spent on actions, attacks on the gate and even saved to power a large weapon poised to fire on the gate. The maps may have been shrunken down as much as possible to limit play session length, but depth and complexity is being considered to add layers to this classic game concept.

Surprisingly enough, Super Senso doesn’t use random number generator scripts, so there are no critical hits or chance effects that affect gameplay. The course of the game is completely governed by player skill, and a win condition is gained through thoughtful approach. The game does however use the ELO system for matchmaking, pitting players of equal skill level in bouts of strategic warfare. Other Senso units are unlocked through extensive play of the game, the more you play, the more units and Sensos you unlock. However with the ELO system Super Senso makes use of, it is possible for new players with no unlocked units but good skill to be placed against an experienced player who has spent the time unlocking more units, potentially resulting in poor odds for the new kids. Super Senso is a highly-anticipated title that should see a mobile market release in the coming months, so keep up with news or sign up for the beta with the link below!

Sign-up for the beta here.

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