Inside Lion gif wip fan demo download

Inside Lion – WIP Fan Demo Download

Inside Lion, a first person one-world exploration fan-made Steven Universe game, developed by Renee Nejo, that’s up for download on the developer’s page. If you’re a fan of the cartoon series, you’ll be overjoyed to walk inside lion’s and *SPOILERS* Lars’ pink world/dimension. Inside Lion is a Playable Fan Art Piece of Steven Universe’s Inside […]

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The Art Of: RainStorm Rivals

IMAGINTATION FIGHTER CUTE We couldn’t managed to get a soundtrack to preview it here, but check out the gameplay trailer for it to which it includes the soundtracks made for it. A 2-4 player physics fighting game with unique controls and no preset movelists, set in the imaginations of 5 kids on a rainy day! […]

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Indivisible – Prototype Demo Download

From the creators of the popular fighting game Skullgirls comes Indivisible, a 2D action adventure platforming role-playing fantasy game that’s inspired by classical games such as Valkyrie Profile and Metroid. The game has a beautiful art style, smooth animations, a great soundtrack and a magical taste of an adventure. It also provides a fun turn-based-ish combat system […]

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