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BattleBit – Beta Download

You can download BattleBit‘s beta and enjoy playing a Battlefield-esque type of game, with all the warfare and massive online player battles. To sum it up nicely, it’s a first person online multiplayer tactical shooter that hosts massive battles, and carries with it a nice looking low-poly art style. Have fun playing in 64 or 128 […]

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Battlezone – Beta Sign-Up [PC]

I’ve known about the high probability that Battlezone would be released on PC when before they had announced the platform/s they’d release on, by digging up info from its website and chatting with the team behind it, but I didn’t know when it would come until now. It’s announced that the game will be coming to the PC platform […]

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Mugsters – Alpha & Beta Sign-Up

Mugsters is a top-down fast-paced action arcade game, on that opened up alpha and beta testing registration, where aliens orbs and saucers and other alien-looking machines are destroying the world, and your mission is to save your imprisoned people in isolated islands. You’re pretty much the coolest person in this game. The game will provide with a […]

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