Omega Strike gif beta sign up

Omega Strike – Beta Sign-Up

Woblyware is call for all testers to sign-up for Omega Strike‘s beta test! A 2D metroidvania shooter, where you’ll be presented with multiple playable characters, progressing them by exploring and defeating enemies, to unlocking new abilities for each of your heroes. You have three playable heroes with their own special abilities, where you’ll be able to swap […]

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Dead Cells gif

Dead Cells – Beta Sign-Up

It’s an action adventure platformer, a roguelike and inspired by castlevania with a fantastic pixel art style, Dead Cells is the game a lot of you have been waiting for to beta test and have fun breaking it. The developers are looking for some tough players to give the game a test-drive of a very […]

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Usurper – Alpha Demo Download

What would you get if you mixed the gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Dark Souls with some good ol’ Lovecraftian horror? Chances are you would see something similar to Pugware‘s Workshop’s most recent 2D Metroidvainia Action-RPG title, Usurper. You begin in an alternate version of 1898 London that is currently in crisis […]

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Sundered – Alpha Sign-Up

One fantastic work of art after another. Sundered is a 2D action platforming adventure metroidvania type game, carrying with it the beautiful style, huge boss battles and great immersion from the developer’s previous game Jotun, mixing it high replay-value and non-linear action gameplay from the metroidvania genre. You’ll be playing as a wanderer named Eshe […]

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