Legacy Code gif prototype download

Legacy Code – Prototype Download

Legacy Code, an action-packed roguelite platformer with fantastic pixel art visuals, has its prototype available to download on itch, made during the AGDG. An action roguelite platformer.  Smash drones,  beat up (evil mutated) forest animals, and cover the walls with blood! Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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Badass Hero – Alpha Access

Congrats, you’re now the star of your own comic book! Super cool, however, you’ve kind of been bumped off the scene by some rather malicious beings, and it’s time to take back your title as Badass Hero. This 2D platformer action roguelite drops players in a panel-by-panel comic universe where the levels are randomly arranged. […]

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Roguemance – Alpha Sign-Up

What’s war good for? Making some good progress in your lovey-dovey relationship. Roguemance is a 2D romantic roguelite adventure game about love, dating and romance with all of its highs and lows as well as its complications. You’ll be encountering and fighting a variety of enemies alongside your partner, but like in most relationships you’ll […]

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