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Tesla vs Lovecraft – Beta Sign-Up

So Nikola Tesla and H.P. Lovecraft get into a barfight, who do you think would win? Ok more accurately imagine if they just sent products of their imaginations to battle against each other. Now we’ve got robot arms and tentacles trading blows and there’s a big mess that looks like Voltron got mad at a plate of calamari. Basically, this fictional battle royale that only dreams are made of is exactly the underlying foundation for Tesla vs Lovecraft. Tentacle creatures crawling en-masse towards a robot that couldn’t have been brought to life without Tesla’s contribution to science (that alternating current cord that charges the robots, cause you can’t power a Gundam with a potato). Don’t worry, tentacle monsters aren’t the only thing trying to kill you! There will also be plenty of other ghouls and weirdos to mow down. Would you rather a swarm of fishmen be climbing up your robo-legs to tear your human legs off? Tesla vs Lovecraft delivers, so don’t you worry your feeble human body.

H.P. Lovecraft has a reputation for authoring tales of terror that creep into the darkest corners of our imagination and give life to the things that dwell in the shadows. As the star of the show, Nikola Tesla, you’ll be taking point in a mech in an attempt to send those many-legged creatures back to the nether realm. It’s going to be a tough fight, especially when you have to keep that robot charged to keep those overgrown octopus nightmares from engulfing you and scaring you to death (let’s hope that’s the worst they do). In this top-down arena shooter, you’ll be fighting waves of nightmare creatures in an attempt to survive and maybe save the world. You might feel safe in that big robot but what are you going to do if you can’t suppress the swarms enough to keep from being overtaken by creeps and ghoulish monsters? You can slow down the spawning of the monsters by destroying the cthulu-looking monuments in the game level, which is apparently where they’ve been crawling out from. Don’t forget to keep that mech powered or you’re gonna be crying (and dying I’m assuming).

Sign-up for the alpha and beta on the game’s website.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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