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TISIC IZIEB – Game Jam Build Download

TISIC IZIEB is Slavic for “A Thousand Rooms”, though given that it was built in 48 hours and is polished beyond all belief, it only has seven. Yet this LD37 jam entry is more than satisfactory with the amount of levels due to its highly polished state. The game puts players in control of a little voxel dragon that must escape the isometric rooms by either pushing or pulling furniture. The levels are set on a grid, so the player moves in a chess-like fashion, moving the furniture out of the way in order to reach the door. The seven levels featured in the game are fairly easy, slightly rising in difficulty as they go on.

The game is rendered in a sepia tone color palette with a soft post process that almost feels like you’re looking through an old photo album. Though the entire game is built in voxels, it gets a little gpu-intensive if you’re using an older rig due to the screen space reflections, anti-aliasing etc. TISIC IZIEB has a nice UI, solid theme and a great art style keeping an overall integrated composition that feels like a really short yet ready-to-ship title. The game has been ported to Windows and Mac as well as a browser version.

Download the game jam build here.

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