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Tormentor X Punisher – Beta Sign-Up

If Tormentor X Punisher was a student in class, it would be the one constantly sent to the principal’s office or forever banished to ISS and detention. For the most part, all we’re told is that there are a bunch of demons chillin around the way, and we’re supposed to f*** ’em up? I was born for this, where do I sign up(oh right, the link at the bottom of this article)? From the short teaser trailer, and it really is a teaser, what we get is some live action footage of demons taunting and threatening YOU, the future player who will be tasked with slaying them. The footage is an over-the-top exaggeration of malicious beings acting offensive and violent, which has garnered a little misinformed speculation. The point of Tormentor X Punisher is that it’s crazy, hysterical and destructive, a form of modern virtual therapy in itself. There’s a lot of swearing, bird-flipping and a few seconds of gameplay, though there isn’t much revealed in the trailer other than that this is going to be a top-down, radial shoot-em-up, giving players a gun, and a lot of demons to mow down.

The concept isn’t complex, but the focus in this in-your-face arcade style shooter is the actual feedback of the game itself. Of course attention has been given to the art and composition of the game world, but the way the game feels is what you’re really taking home after the experience. With explosive sound effects and fast-paced impacting gameplay, TXP is designed to make the player feel like they are actually there. Adding to the frantic pace of gameplay is that everything dies with one hit, player included. Dancing around screaming, swearing, shooting and maybe laughing and peeing, is essentially what you can expect to be doing while dodging attacks and trying to put an end to demon infestation. This sort of gameplay brings to mind my experience with Devil Daggers, where you’re just running around the abyss spraying knives out of your fingers at Lovecraftian creatures where one touch means instant death. I guess I can throw that in with my reference to give you a better idea of what TXP will be like: a fair combination of Devil Daggers and Hotline Miami. There you go, now you have Tormentor X Punisher, so sit back and enjoy the beta.

Sign-up for the beta here.

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